Write a prompt request 

Put a request in the Edit prompt input, click on the “Generate” button, wait a few seconds, and the output will appear in the space beside. 

Use Tips section

Add some ready-to-use commands from the Tips section to create a more precise request for Al|Thingy.

Edit the generated output

Does the generated text need a bit of adjustment? Edit it in the output, and all changes will be saved if you decide to come back to it later.

Regenerate the output

Regenerate the text by clicking the “More like this” button until you`re satisfied with the result. 

Browse through history cards

All generated outputs are automatically saved as history cards to the section on the right, meaning not a single text will be lost. You can browse between the cards, and by opening them, their original prompt request, keywords, and output will be shown. 

Bookmark your favourite outputs

Bookmark the output right as it`s generated or while browsing through your history cards, marking the ones you like the most. To find your savings, go to the Bookmark page, accessible from the top bar. Deleting selected Bookmarks will also delete them from the project's history. But if you want only to delete the bookmark from the Bookmarks list- click on “Remove Bookmarks” by doing so, the card will remain in the project`s history.

Manage your projects

Generate your requests in different projects for easier navigation to ensure you won`t get lost among your history cards within a single project. You can open the Projects page from the top bar. From which, you're able to create a new project and rename or delete the existing ones.

How does the credit system work?

Every time you generate a new prompt one credit withdraws from your balance (1 prompt = 1 credit). Keep in mind that clicking on the “More like this”, “Refresh”, or “Render again“buttons also causes credit redemption. 

How can I top up my credit balance?

You can see the number of credits left on your balance beside the profile menu. When this number reaches 30, the top-up button appears. If you want to take care of the credit balance beforehand, you can open the Profile menu, follow to Get credits page and choose out of three plans of 50, 100, and 1000 credits, the more credits you buy, the cheaper it gets. After you`ve settled on a plan choice, you can proceed with the payment secured by Stripe!

Can I get a refund?

No refunds are allowed for any credit plan purchased. All sales are considered final and no full or partial refunds will be issued, regardless of the reason for the request.